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Iran's official radio silent about U.N. resolution against Holocaust denials

by Ted Lipien Logo and Link to Home Page Free Media Online, San Francisco, CA, January 27, 2007 -- Iran's official radio, Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, failed to report on its English-language web site about adoption Friday of the U.N. resolution condemning Holocaust denials. The U.S.-drafted resolution was adopted without a vote with 103 of the world body's 192 member states signed on as co-sponsors. Voice of America (VOA) reported that Iran was the only country indicating opposition to the measure. An Iranian diplomat at the U.N. described the intent of the resolution's sponsors as "mischievous."

While silent about the U.N. resolution, the Iranian radio had provided earlier extensive coverage of the international conference in Tehran which questioned the Holocaust. The conference was organized at the initiative of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran's radio also reported extensively on the international cartoon competition in Tehran designed to show drawings with anti-Israel, Holocaust-denial, and pro-Palestinian themes. Iranian officials argue that meetings such as last month's Tehran conference serve a scholarly purpose and accused Israel of manipulating the Holocaust for political purposes., a California-based nonprofit organization which supports freedom of the press worldwide commented that the failure of Iran's official radio to report promptly on the U.N. resolution against Holocaust denials is typical of media organizations controlled by regimes which suppress freedom of expression and journalistic independence. Journalists in countries like Iran are unable to report on many issues without specific directives from political or religious leaders.

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