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Post and Receive Online at is designed primarily for independent journalists in media-at-risk-countries and those who want to help them. All journalists and media outlets, however, regardless of their country of origin can use and contribute news reports and other information.

While international broadcasters such as VOA, RFE/RL, BBC, Radio France International, Deutsche Welle, RCI, and others try to place their programs on local media outlets with various rates of success, independent journalists and broadcasters in many countries still have a hard time receiving information and having their own journalistic work distributed.

Post and Receive Online page at allows independent journalists and broadcasters to share their work with others.

We invite journalists, domestic and international broadcasters, domestic and international nonprofit organizations, and other providers of information to submit their reports to Post and Receive Online at If you would like to post your information here, send an email to:

Subject to terms and conditions of individual information providers, reports from Post and Receive Online may be placed on media outlets in countries where governments are trying to restrict freedom of the press or where populations are exposed to propaganda promoting political, ethnic, racial, gender, or religious intolerance.


Before using Post and Receive Online material - you must see and accept our Terms of Use

Independent journalists, media outlets, and private individuals are normally granted limited royalty-free rights to republish original reports for non-commercial use with attribution under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Licence. Use of third-party material, is subject to terms and conditions of the original information providers. Users must contact these information providers directly for information about allowable use of their reports.